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Know The Trade, is an information portal for ethical hacker techniques, tools and and learning. Know The Trade is the place to start your search for more information on IT Security and IT Security Certifications. We provide links to needed hacker techniques, tools, and knowledge you'll need to become a successful security professional information portal for IT security resources, tips, tricks, and learning. Know The Trade is the place to start your search for more information on IT Security and IT Security Certifications. We provide links to needed tools, techniques and knowledge you'll need to become a successful security professional. Keep reading if you want to learn more about cyber security foundations.

We provide a wealth of information on Ethical Hacking. In the past, the word “hacking” has had a lot of negative connotation associated with it. When someone says ethical hacking, the confusion is understandable. What do we mean when we say this phrase exactly? Well the idea of ethically hacking a computer, network or system is more or less to find out where the holes are and where there could possibly be an infiltration by someone with malicious intent.

With organizations using multiple systems in different departments and for varied activities it becomes important for any prospective employee to have appropriate IT security skills. Businesses today are on the look out for skilled, certified professionals who can take care of systems and provide good security services. The important of computer security is only increasing by the day and thus, learning how good security skills is very important. If you run a business or have extremely important information on your network, using the service or assistance of ethical hacking techniques might show you how you can improve your security.

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Ethical Hacker Training

Ethical hacker training, does that ring bells for you? Is it that hacking is now made official? Is it that hacking now is no longer considered illegal? Read to find out more. Hacking still continues to be a crime however, ethical hacker training is all about learning the tricks of the trade to create a strong line of defense.

What is Ethical Hacker Training? Ethical hacker training is in-depth training imparted that teaches you all about locating and identifying the vulnerabilities of a system. Hackers know the weak spots of a system and this is what they make use of to gain entry and access to the system and all the information. This is definitely not legal. However, the ethical hacker on the other hand, is one who has good intent and learns all the methods and techniques to do good. Only if you know what the hacker knows and thinks will you be able to provide a strong defense to the possible threats. With the world of computers changing everyday, the ethical hacker needs to have a good understanding of the various systems and also the loopholes if any that a hacker can make use of.

The ethical hacker works from the other end thus, locating the problem areas and sealing it off completely to provide protection to the system from possible intruders. There are several important challenges that a ethical hacker has to face. The weak spots and possible threats have all to be understood and learnt only then will the ethical hacker be able to understand things from the perspective of a hacker. The training that the ethical hacker goes through has to be of high standards, only then can the attack be prevented. One popular platform for ethical hacking is Backtrack.  The Backtrack distro provides all the tools needed for an ethical hacker to get started.

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With large business organizations and the Government all using the internet for their day to day working, protection against hackers is one that every system must ensure. Companies today recruit ethical hackers so that they can test their systems and make it a foolproof one. With hacking being a major threat that can lead to huge losses and other associated problems, ethical hacker training is gaining importance by the day. There are many companies that provide ethical hacker training. It is important to enroll with a company that provides intensive training on the latest threats and teaches techniques to counter these. A simple review of the different tools alone is not enough, it is essential to learn how to use these tools and also detect the loopholes in the system. Ethical hacker training provides you the tool to safeguard your frontiers from the possible intrusions and ensure your safety and security.